Tazzelenghe 2015

I.G.T. delle Venezie

After destemming the must with the skins is transferred into a stainless steel tank for starting the fermentation at a controlled temperature. After approximately 15-16 days skin contact, at the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine lays for 42 months in new and used oak barriques and tonneaux.
Harvest: hand picking in small boxes
Grapes conditions: perfectly mature at the picking time
Picking Time: first week of October
Grapes: 100% indigenous Tazzelenghe

Colour: Amaranth with violet reflections
Nose: Complex, tobacco and liquorice hints, walnut and roasted coffee.
Taste: intense, powerful, spicy. Red fruits, ripe berry jam, hazelnut. Pleasantly soft, dry, well balanced.

Roasted and grilled meat is the perfect wedding. Excellent with gamy and old cheeses. Pasta with savory sauces is also a nice option.


Superficie vigneti:Ha 0,5
Forma di allevamento:Doppio guyot
Resa per ettaro:60 quintali circa
Sesto d’impianto:2,70 mt. per 0,9 mt.
Anno d’impianto:Inverno 1994
Conduzione del terreno:Inerbito
Acidità totale:5,90 gr./Lt.
Zuccheri riduttori:0,10 gr./Lt.
Estratto secco netto:34,30 gr./Lt.
Anidride solforosa totale:52 mg/Lt.
Anidride solforosa libera:24 mg/Lt.
Tit. alc./volume effetivo:14,02 %


Giacitura in pianura con orientamento dei filari nord-sud ed esposizione ottimale est-ovest. Natura del terreno franco-argillosa.