Red Wine

After destemming the must with the skins is transferred into a stainless steel tank for starting the fermentation at a controlled temperature. After approximately 15-16 days skin contact, at the end of the alcoholic fermentation the wine lays into wood or stainless steel tanks. Rebus it is a blend of mainly indigenous varieties from Friuli like Pignolo ’06, Tazzelenghe ’05, Schioppettino ’06 and Refosco ’06 and a small portion of Merlot ’07 and Cabernet ’06. Aging in barriques, tonneaux and big barrels for almost 8 years then follows 3 years in the bottles before releasing on the market.
Harvest: hand picking in small boxes
Grapes conditions: perfectly mature at the picking time
Picking Time: September/October.
Grapes: 100% red grapes estate grown.
N.B.: This wine has Non-Vintage because is a blend of different vintages.

Colour: Intense bright ruby red.
Nose: intense, warm, black and red berries. Spices.
Taste: Very well structured, fine and elegant, tannins very rounded thanks to the extra long ageing. Velvety and persistent. Raspberry and blackberry, vanilla and tobacco are blended together in an harmonious flavour symphony.

A great red wine with a very nice structure pairs perfectly with red grilled meat. Gamey meets with polenta are also a nice option. Works as well with aged cheeses.


Pruning:Double guyot
Yield per hectare:15000 pounds
Row sizes:2,70 mt. per 1,1 mt.
Year of planting:1991
Acidity:5,00 gr./Lt.
Sugar residual:1,3 gr./Lt.
Dry extract:25,40 gr./Lt.
Total sulfites:68 mg/Lt.
Free sulfites:23 mg/Lt.
Vol.:13,70 %


Clay. Vineyard planted in a flat land, orientation north – south and sun exposure east-west.