Pinot Grigio 2018

I.G.T. Venezia Giulia

The grapes are lightly pressed, the must obtained is cleaned by gravity over one night and then starts the fermentation at a controlled temperature (18-20°C). Follows a long period aging in stainless steel tank.
Harvest: hand picking in small boxes.
Grapes conditions: perfectly mature at the picking time.
Picking Time: second week of September.
Grapes: this 100 % Pinot Grigio is a blend of different clones of Pinot Grigio. Clones: 49-207, h1,r6, 53, 52, 49. The blend of different clones allows to get a more complex wine.

Color: straw yellow with copper reflections.
Nose: Rich, fresh, floral. Vanilla, acacia honey and exotic fruits. Tropical.
Taste: Pleasantly soft, dry, well balanced with a long after taste. Mature fruits and roasted nuts.

Very nice as an aperitivo, perfect weeding with fish pastas. Light cheese and simple salumi are a great option.


Superficie vigneti:Ha 3,3
Forma di allevamento:Doppio guyot
Resa per ettaro:95 quintali circa
Sesto d’impianto:2,70 mt. per 0,9 mt.
Anno d’impianto:Inverno 1993
Conduzione del terreno:Inerbito
Acidità totale:6,06 gr./Lt.
Zuccheri riduttori:2,0 gr./Lt.
Estratto secco netto:24,40 gr./Lt.
Anidride solforosa totale:75 mg/Lt.
Anidride solforosa libera:32 mg/Lt.
Tit. alc./volume effetivo:13,91 %


Giacitura in pianura con orientamento dei filari nord-sud ed esposizione ottimale est-ovest. Natura del terreno franco-argillosa.