Friulano Doc Friuli

The grapes are lightly pressed, the must obtained is cleaned by gravity over one night and then starts the fermentation at a controlled temperature (18-20°C). Follows a long period aging in stainless steel tank.
Harvest: hand picking in small boxes
Grapes conditions: perfectly mature at the picking time
Picking Time: second week of September.
Grapes: this Tocai Friulano is a blend of different clones from the same Friulano variety. Clones: F6, R5, F2, FEDIT 19. The blend of different clones allows to get a more complex wine.

Colour: light gold yellow with green reflections.
Nose: intens, delicate, aromatic and floral, roasted almonds hints, fragrant e persistent.
Taste: dry, velvety, lightly fruity. Hints of yellow mature peach.

This friulano indigenous variety pairs perfectly with Prosciutto crudo and salami. Any fish course, grilled white meat and young cheeses.


Vineyard surface: Ha 1,3
Pruning:Double guyot
Yield per hectare:17000 pounds
Row sizes:2,70 mt. per 1,1 mt.
Year of planting:Winter 1991
Acidity:4,92 gr./Lt.
Sugar residual:1,0 gr./Lt.
Dry extract:19,40 gr./Lt.
Total sulfites:92 mg/Lt.
Free sulfites:27 mg/Lt.
Vol.:13,97 %

Clay. Vineyard planted in a flat land, orientation north – south and sun exposure east-west.