Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva

Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Friuli Aquileia

Red vinification with whole berries, to maintain the fruitiness, long maceration, 15 days, to obtain great structure. Aging in 2nd and 3rd passage barriques and 3rd passage tonneaux for a period of 35 months. Refinement in bottle for 3 months.
Method of harvest: by hand in small boxes.
State of the grapes: perfectly ripe when harvested.
Harvest time: third week of October.
Grapes: This Cabernet Sauvignon derives from the union of different clonal varieties of the same vine. The clones used are the following: 337, R5, 15, 169, 339. The union of different clones allows to obtain a very complex wine with multiple nuances.

Color: Intense garnet ruby ​​red
Nose: It recalls the scents of black cherry, plum jam and nutmeg.
Taste: Important and demanding wine. It is reminiscent of the whole range of wild berries, and then leaves the taste of cocoa, roasted coffee and hazelnut husk in the mouth.

Excellent with all types of red meat but sublime with Florentine meat, with goulash, with aged cheeses, especially with a very old Montasio or Parmigiano Reggiano


Vineyard surface:Ha 1,6
Pruning:Double guyot
Yield per hectare:26000 pounds
Row sizes:2,70 mt. per 0,9 mt.
Year of planting:1993
6,15 gr./Lt.
Sugar residual:1,0 gr./Lt.
Dry extract:32,50 gr./Lt.
Total sulfites:56 mg/Lt.
Free sulfites:22 mg/Lt.
Vol.:13,76 %


Clay. Vineyard planted in a flat land, orientation north – south and sun exposure east-west.